The health insurance disaster continues

As current headlines show, even when a group of politicians promise their best (and actually mean it!), the result can still be disastrous. Two years later, Shawn Hegdal still has no health insurance.

Neither do 44 million other Americans, and the problem is getting much, much worse. The current proposals on the table simply won't work, and there's far too much at stake from insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors' groups and hospitals to actually conduct real reform. Because real reform would restructure health care from scratch and eliminate the 70% waste that keeps a lot of people employed.

Because of these reasons (and others), health care reform can never happen from within. The stakeholders have too much sway over the politicians writing the laws. And that's why it's only gotten worse in this country. Today, the U.S. health care system is the laughing stock of the world. Canada has a system that's basically affordable. Taiwan has a far better system than our own, and Eastern European countries like Romania even manage basic health care better than we do.

The fact is, health insurance gaps will continue to widen until we decide to get real about health care and cut all the paper pushers and prescription drug profiteering out of the loop. But today, it's exactly the paper pushers and Big Pharma companies who are calling the shots. And why? Because it's profitable -- and too many politicians are beholden to drug money in order to get reelected.


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